The Mission

As an Artist, I aspire to create art of original and edge defying quality, that will be exhibited and purchased through gallery representation and online distribution channels. Our goal is to enhance people’s lives through fun, inspiration, creativity and self-expression!


At an early age, he found his true love in Acrylic Art & Street photography. His Art has been accepted into shows at Columbia Art League, The Stockton Art Splash, On Public display for the "Music to our Ear's" Project by the Downtown Stockton Alliance and Featured Winner at Oakland’s First Friday’s for "Best of Show" 2016.


Featured Artist

The pianos used in the program are donated to DSA who pairs them up with local artists to be decorated. Each piano is an original piece of art representing an authentic picture of the artistic diversity of Stockton. They are placed throughout downtown under the stewardship of local business and/or property owners.


As a Featured Acrylic's Artist for Oakland's First Friday's, the new series unveiled last year called #EmbraceHumanity by Nicholas Burnette captures musicians, models, and other artist's who are giving back and contributing to better our society. One such project completed was the #StocktonPianos program, a part of the Downtown Stockton Alliance's place making initiative intended to contribute to the revitalization of Downtown Stockton. By bringing spontaneous music to our streets and interrupting the status quo of our daily experience